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Microsoft's Ballmer talks counterattack phone market: share come and go
According to foreign media reports, the past two years, Microsoft in the mobile phone market has not been too good performance, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company finally found a promising breakthrough. 
October 11, 2010, Microsoft and its partners plan to announce the first use of Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, the system for Microsoft's mobile operating system was originally conducted a comprehensive upgrading. Ballmer believes, Windows Phone 7 can more effectively with Apple's iPhone and Google Android mobile operating system to compete. 
Microsoft is war by other means to Android. October 1, 2010, Microsoft filed a lawsuit alleging Motorola phones based on Android operating system infringes a number of Microsoft's patents. Motorola said the lawsuit to fight in the end. 
Microsoft hopes that a new batch of phones using Windows Phone 7 can erase the failure of consumers, Microsoft made ??some bad memories, such as Microsoft's own design Kin social phone, listed only two months, it withdrew from the market in early 2010 . According to information disclosed by Microsoft early October to the regulatory agency, the Board deducted Ballmer on Microsoft's fiscal year bonus, part of the reason is that these lost lift. 
Microsoft's new mobile operating system for high hopes. Ballmer burdened with the pressure of investors, need to prove that Microsoft is such a high growth in the mobile phone market is heavily invested can be rewarded. Before Microsoft sued Motorola, Ballmer media interview, talking about how Microsoft plans to profit from the mobile phone market, and increase the challenges faced by the mobile phone market share. He also defended the traditional PC, think a little smaller and larger PC devices in the future there is a great market demand. 
The following is a summary of the interview: 
Q: Microsoft's mobile phone business has undergone some dramatic changes - new leader, new ways of working the new operating system, and partners. Why should we do? 
A: You can say that Microsoft missed a market cycle. We have some execution problems in research and development. Since the last major software release on Microsoft, the industry has been a major step forward, technology is progress, the hardware is also updated. 
We said to ourselves, we must go forward, do not waste energy as yesterday, should launch something for the future, allowing users to use more relaxed, allowing developers to work more convenient, on the basis of priority configured our resources. 
Q: Microsoft chose not to develop its own brand of mobile phones that can talk about why?
A: In a sense, Microsoft has done a certain degree of mobile phone R & D work. We tell partners, Microsoft will be involved in the development of the so-called underlying hardware, namely some of the most basic elements of the mobile phone. Therefore, we can say that Microsoft has engaged in mobile phone design work, but we certainly do not sell cell phones. 
Q: Have you ever seriously considered selling Microsoft's own mobile phone? 
A: I would think a lot of things. Now, Microsoft is working with HTC, Samsung, LG and many partners to cooperate. 
Q: You are not trying to protect Windows software, or feel Windows Phone 7 itself is a product can be sold? 
A: The launch of Windows Phone 7 is not to protect the Windows family, but because of the new mobile operating system does exist enormous opportunities. Microsoft profit from handset sales, advertising income, there is a potential income of search engines, as well as a variety of entertainment or office software potential sales revenue. 
The current priority is to make use of Windows Phone 7 operating system for mobile phones sold, mobile phone sales up, and a lot of good things will follow. 
Q: Microsoft's Windows Phone will be charged license fee 7 it? 
A: Of course. 
Q: Android operating system is free, it will bring some pressure? 
A: Android has a patent fee, is not completely free. Mobile phone manufacturers to pay fees for the use of patents. For example, HTC and we have signed a licensing agreement, we must pay royalties Windows, it uses the Android system when have to pay royalties. 
Q: For Microsoft, the patent fee income alone, as if nothing is too big source of profits. 
A: This is one source of profits. One. 
Q: What other of it? 
A: anything, as long as the number sold tens of millions or even several hundred million, can create a market of huge opportunities. We see the mobile phone market is contains such opportunities. Even now, the mobile phone market also contains a variety of different business models. 
BlackBerry sales of front-end margins are not high, but by individuals or enterprises access fee paid by consumers on a regular basis, can improve their income on the back end. Google use a lot of ways so that they earn less in the front, but after paragraph earn it.
Q: From the market share data, Apple's doing well, Android really have to take off of it, but in recent years, Microsoft has been losing market share. Do you think Microsoft to regain positions difficult? 
Wait and see. A lot of things comes and goes may also fast. 
A: Do you think the market will soon change this thing do? 
Q: I think yes. Undoubtedly, things change very quickly now, at least in Mathematics at the University where I studied, called the existence of proof. Market share will change, let us wait and see. 
Q: Windows Phone 7 phone software interface compared to other mobile phones available in the market are very different (there is a window of a color on the main interface, some of which can react in real time the latest online content). The use of such a unique user interface, whether there is a risk? 
A: We have to look ahead, the market is still in its early stages of development, but in the end, I think (iPhone and Android phones) full-page icon will make people feel too complicated. This is not to say that people do not like the app, but I'm not sure that the average person really wants to face so many programs. 
Through a small window will hit the most important events in life and the most important person in the main interface displayed on the phone, I think it will cause a lot of sympathy and imagination of the user. 
Q: Windows Mobile will not be immediately recognized by the market? 
A: I do not do predictions. Whether market acceptance, depends in part on the number of products depends in part on product prices, as well as word of mouth and advertising effectiveness and so on. 
Q: Do you think Windows Mobile will not evolve into a full-featured alternative to Windows PC's? 
A: This is a complex issue. Rely on small screen devices can meet the needs of this world do? I do not think so. I think people need a variety of screen sizes of products. 
So, the equipment used technique is completely different screen sizes difference? No. I think there will be a lot of shared technology between different devices. Of course, people do not want the user interface of a variety of devices are the same as the mode of operation of these devices do exist differences. For example, I think people still like to have a full-size keyboard. 
I think the various market sectors are still healthy. What on Earth's best-selling intelligent electronic devices are? Or PC. This year's PC sales will reach 350 million units, while sales of smart phones may be less than half. It can be said that the smart phone is very important, while PC is equally important.
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Baidu cloud strategy cloud or landing TV will open a new pattern
If you enter tv.baidu.com this site, you will see the "Baidu TV cloud" page. Yes, this means that one of China's three largest Internet company Baidu officially joined the living room to snatch them to users. 
We know that the war had already started living & mdash; & mdash; first Army game, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are banner business; entertainment content with the popularization of the Internet, followed by Apple's Apple TV and Google's Chromebox represented; another party is promoting Internet content providers, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. In China, this trend initially blown by a vote of cottage manufacturers in Shenzhen, has been in the regulatory gray area barbaric growth. Subsequently, all this because of the Internet company, and has qualified to play Internet content into the license by the party became noisy, millet, music television, Ali Baba and even Huawei, the layout in this area is quite positive. 
But we still difficult to see a competitive player in this field. Millet and music as a box of exploration is almost stalled, in addition to the license partners only content, they are still struggling to provide users with more value, and the reason they buy a box of the product. Alibaba launched Lynx Box, in addition to using the remote control at the TV, "online shopping" outside, you can not find it too much millet and music box differs depending on the contents of the resource even more scarce. More deadly is that they may not see massive profits in the short term, they do not say what the benefits for partners of. 
Causing all this because I am afraid all the ecological environment lack & mdash; & mdash; previous product, value for customers and partners to provide extremely limited. So, from this perspective, I would like to look at Baidu's "TV cloud." I think, until Baidu to join, living room before the war ushered in a true heavyweight players. 
It must be noted that Baidu's "TV cloud" is not just a simple video player platform, which is based Baidu cloud the ability to develop products, is Baidu's personal cloud strategy floor in the living room. In other words, television cloud is not just a mere carrier of Internet audio and video content, but rather a way to access Baidu cloud, it can be called Baidu all cloud resources and capabilities. This is our official introduction to by this product can be seen & mdash; & mdash; 
First, it can seamlessly access Baidu cloud disk, almost a private cloud storage. TV cloud provides 2T space, you can freely access Baidu cloud storage, users can be stored in the cloud PC client earlier videos, pictures and music seamlessly watch TV side; 
Second, Baidu's search integration services has also been fully demonstrated. TVs equipped with cloud Baidu search service, users can use the search function directly in the TV cloud, search video content on the Internet in a similar manner Baidu video. Meanwhile, Baidu's love Fantastic Art and Baidu and other Internet services are also done music full access, which greatly enriched the content providers television cloud; 
Third, cloud computing capabilities. Compared to the same manufacturers, Baidu cloud capability is the strongest. This is reflected in the Baidu cloud transcoding capabilities: official website describes that Baidu TV built-in real-time cloud cloud transcoding capabilities, you can make video playback smoother, clearer. And millet, music, as other manufacturers, will focus on providing only the content, but on the optimized playback experience is still a far cry; 
Finally reflected in the multi-screen convergence, Baidu call it cloud push technology. If you are Youku users may know it as a multi-screen viewing video done a lot of effort: interworking playback progress through the account, mobile two-dimensional code scanning & hellip; & hellip; so forth. However, Youku and other video content providers must be based, in order to grow out of account, and a series of multi-screen services; while Baidu is different, it directly to cloud-based, on top of this the growth of all types of audio and video content, a necessary and convenient account system can be all the information (including the playback progress, history, playlists, etc.) across multiple devices sharing, PC, mobile phones, tablet PCs, has been to perform real-time synchronization in television cloud. 
Throughout the more points you will find that these ideas with the traditional "box" broadcast platform vendors and their content is completely different & mdash; & mdash; Value Baidu TV provides users with more than just a cloud, "video content" of this single dimension, but rather a set of cloud-based Internet audio and video entertainment services. That's why I say, the living room of the war ushered in a true heavyweight player's cause. The living room of the future war will not only contest the content on, but who is able to integrate more and better Internet services, will be able to provide more value to users, this is the true meaning of the Internet to change the television industry.
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Baidu "Industrial Revolution" Thinking: Big Data Reengineering the Internet
Future industrial opportunities? Internet bigwigs "Hero seen different." 
Tencent founder Ma on the "Internet +" to summarize the future opportunities of the Internet industry, that will be interconnected with the more traditional industries penetration, and traditional industries reborn; Baidu founder Robin Li believes that the future of the Internet there is a tendency, in addition to Ma addressed outside of the "Internet +" another trend is the Internet itself has been changed technology, after a wave of mobile technology, the future of cloud computing primarily with large data. 
"Internet +" is what has happened. Li said: "The next thing that happens is that technology has changed the Internet." 
April 24, held in Beijing Baidu fourth technology Open Day, the theme of the meeting is "big data engine-driven future." Baidu in the day announced the release of large data engine, and the engine and opening to the outside world big data, to provide a large data storage, analysis and technical capacity mining. This is the world's first open big data engine. 
What is the significance of large data engine Baidu is? Including at least two meanings: First, the use of new technologies, especially mobile, cloud computing, big data transformation Internet; Second is to create an open platform, the "Internet +" thinking to bring in more business. 
Data open platform 
Baidu big data engine contains three open platform, which are open cloud, data factory, Baidu brain. 
Baidu Open Cloud to solve the bottleneck of data storage and computing, which is Baidu energy consumption by data centers and distributed computing architecture and other technology to solve; factory in data platform, Baidu provides a "big data excavator" to correlate the data together and dig out its value; Baidu Baidu deep in the brain to learn and build large-scale machine learning foundation, now you can simulate intelligence two-year-old infants. 
With the popularity of mobile devices, and now it has been produced anywhere in the data, whether it is shopping on a PC website, search for a piece of news, or play one game in mobile phones, these acts will leave data. 
This trend will continue. Data generated in the future, in addition to computers, cell phones, there are mobile sensors, wearable devices, smart TVs, automotive electronics, including mobile phone locator, mobile phones and cameras. These devices will produce richer data, making the future become a "big data" era. 
In terms of equipment, Baidu began to try to invest, including smart wristbands, smart phones and other products. These hardware products and more cooperation with third-party companies, Baidu the technology, money, or even a person. The purpose is to Baidu Baidu technologies, including search, maps and other implanted into these hardware products, obtain more data. 
Li put this strategy is called "baidu inside", similar to the PC era "wintel inside", the difference is, "baidu inside" is free, aimed at the data, "wintel inside" very expensive, in the PC era, Microsoft and Intel to grab most of the profits of the whole industry. 
Wang Jin Baidu senior vice president, and now this era is an era of data explosion, every person, every organization must adapt to this change. 
Big data engine Baidu has launched some very interesting services: During the Spring Festival this year, Baidu and CCTV together to do the "Baidu migratory activity", using a map-based LBS Baidu open platform, based on up to 70 million times a day, location information, in map how do people on the visual display during the spring campaign. 
Another example is Baidu brain and voice recognition technology combined with the application: You can upload the massive baby voice to large data centers feature extraction young parents can record baby crying Internet than the right, because you know what the child crying, hungry , or want to blow off Johnson, so no experience with children's parents to get help. 
Baidu Industrial Revolution 
Application of these fun just Baidu own developed engine on Baidu big data applications; Baidu Baidu future make big data engine industry more open to more companies, so that they plug in the wings of the Internet. 
Wang Jin gave the example of a medical industry, and now has a lot of wearable devices to 24 hours to monitor the health of every day, recording blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, exercise status, detect sweat, blood, analyze the user's physical condition, and 24 hours non-stop to upload the data to the detection of large data centers. 
Wang Jin said: If the data associated with the hospital, these data will have great value. 
Wang Jin to heart disease as an example to explain: There are millions of people had a heart attack each year, Baidu large data centers with good computing power, you can find it in common from the 24 hours of monitoring data inside millions of patients, we advance two day gives hair warning, if you go on like this it is possible to have a heart attack, the hospital issued a warning to the crowd, because of the cost of prevention is far lower than the cost of treatment, we may convert the cost of governance into prevention costs, improve the ability of people to disease prevention, but also can greatly change the relationship between doctors and patients. 
Another can change the industry is the insurance industry: insurance companies want to reduce the loss ratio, in the mode of prevention can reduce the loss ratio, it is possible to create a win-win new medical model. 
Baidu big data engine technology is another diagram in Figure search techniques: someone using a mobile phone to shoot a photo now, you can put the personal past in the online photos are online all find out. 
Li said: future data will be everywhere, no matter what the situation is inseparable from big data, Baidu open their big data core competencies, will better help traditional industries, mining data value, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and thus play a on the overall socio-economic impact of revolutionary. 
Li said, "massive data storage, correlation, analysis is the key to big data era, is a challenge and an opportunity." Baidu launched big data engine, designed to help the industry meet challenges, and promote the social data, the value of big data mining industry process, helping businesses identify and seize new opportunities. 
Not every company has a store, correlate, analyze large data capacity, Baidu big data engine is to give these companies provide storage, correlation, analysis of large data capacity, providing large data infrastructure. 
Li said that the development of the Internet has been two years, the past two decades is the impact of Internet businesses were two decades, the first impact of the media, then the retail, tourism, is just the beginning of the financial industry. 
Each time Nirvana, but also a rebirth. Li believes that the future will be more industry to be involved, and was involved in a faster and faster, is a process of accelerated development, resulting in a new industrial revolution. 
Baidu itself is an Internet company, but also need to embrace the Internet: Baidu search engine to seize the trend of Internet Subvert the media, Baidu needs to change to meet the next wave of trends.
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Ali controlling stake in Chinese culture who pass the latter case involving Zhou Bin checked
March 11 evening news, culture Chinese listed company (code 01060HK) in Hong Kong announced that access to Alibaba Group's strategic investment 6.244 billion Hong Kong dollars, Alibaba will receive a 60 percent stake in Chinese culture. 
Many regard the focus of media into digital entertainment strategy Alibaba up, citing last year, Ali initiatives in digital entertainment, announced the launch of mobile gaming platforms such as the acquisition of shrimp music, etc., and plans to enter the video and other cultural industries. 
But many people are not aware that this investment Ali suddenly a big move Chinese culture, is what kind of company. 
According to informed sources, China mainly in the following few cultural activities: 
1, film and television drama filming. Holdings Xian Jinding films and television distribution company, and the investment filmed "Love among the vast land," "benevolent invincible", "brave invincible" and dozens of movies and television. 
2, the print media business. The Group is principally carry out the "Beijing Times" advertising and marketing, distribution logistics and e-commerce business. 
3, the mobile new media operations. Holdings of the leading mobile entertainment ISP Tianjin Tangram Technology Ltd., a wholly-owned acquisition of SP's Wing of ICT to carry out mobile games, mobile reading and wireless value-added services. Simultaneously entered into a strategic cooperation with People's Daily, the establishment of the company's strategy to open up people's video mobile TV business. 
October 2009, the President of Culture Media Group Board of Dong Ping led China United Cement culturally Chinese backdoor (01060.HK) landing HKEx. Dong Ping specializes in capital operation, in 2005, he also led the Paul Oliver one hundred million backdoor Woori Holding (000584.HK) landing HKEx and the ultimate realization of exit. Paul Oliver is China's first batch of one hundred million investment into the movie field of private enterprises. 
After the culture Chinese market, through the acquisition of territory continue to do big business with a variety of new media assets. Which is the biggest one so much noise in August 2010, suddenly came to placing culture China HK $ 1.0 billion, the goal is to acquire MSN 50% stake in China, as of the end of 2009, China's cultural cash reserves of only HK $ 126.7 million. This was to be the industry's comments together purely for capital game. Others commented that the Chinese culture is intended to purchase MSN Bing. Microsoft may seek to have a strong background in the culture of the Chinese government to do the shareholders, to promote Bing, the two sides to seize the exit China after Google's search market left blank. But then the matter dropped. 
According to 2013 mid-year report, Dong Ping is Chinese culture spread largest shareholder, holds a 24.9% stake. 
Cultural China by Dong Ping sky, because bigger government relations, will be a corresponding negative impact related tragedies. January 9, 2014 in the afternoon, cultural China Media Group Limited (01060.HK) temporary suspension, and announced that "pending the publication of the relevant notice unusual changes in share price and trading volume." This notice is inscribed in man, not a cultural Dong Ping, chairman of China spread, but cultural dissemination executive director of China Zhao Chao. 
On the same day, a number of Hong Kong media quoted a French media reported that Dong Ping, aged 52, because he was involved in the case, was taken in for questioning. Market sources said Dong Ping Chuan Zhou widely circulated involving corruption case recently with a number of people in the industry to assist the investigation was taken away by the authorities, yet no news release on bail. Culture Chinese shares consequent collapse. 
Soon, January 17, Chinese culture spread published recently in consultation with an independent third party on a number of possible transactions. But "Up to now, has not signed a legally binding agreement." 
After entering February, things become more and more like the real transaction. February 24, Chinese culture day to close at 0.67 yuan, up 21.8 percent, the company announced that the Board acknowledges the company has recently risen, in addition to working with an independent third party to conduct consultations on a number of possible transactions, the confirmation is not aware of any changes in share prices the reason. On the 25th, the company suspended but did not explain why. 
Until today (March 11) evening, Alibaba announced to 6.244 billion Hong Kong dollars to invest in the company 60% stake news. 
Ali resources so heavily into the government-backed company with indefinable, is now facing a potential scandal crisis, put together by the asset acquisition of "penny stock" company, really want to re-culture ambitious Chinese culture Heshan it? 
Market Performance: 
Cultural China fall Open turnover of more than 2.7 billion yuan over Tencent 
Alibaba has become the new darling of the Chinese culture, the opening price of 2.5 yuan fall this morning, the latest reported 2.14 yuan, an increase narrowed to 234.3%. Turnover reached 2.757 billion yuan, becoming the largest turnover in the shares this morning. Blue chips Tencent Holdings (00700-HK) also can only 2.393 billion yuan, ranking second. After Ali won the White culture China, this morning was drawn up 430%, followed by an increase to 230% has been narrowing. 
Chinese culture was spread intraday rose 430% to HK $ 6.2 billion stake in Alibaba 
By Ali HK $ 6.2 billion stake in the news today, the spread of Chinese culture opened 290%, up 430 percent in intraday trading times at HK $ 3.39. As of press time at HK $ 2.74. Rose 3.29 percent.
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Windows 8 Assessment: Microsoft advancing tablet era
Leading technology product evaluation expert Walter Mossberg wrote today on Windows 8 conducted a detailed evaluation. In his opinion, although Windows 8 still has some shortcomings, but overall, still marks Microsoft to advance the tablet era, but really good experience. 
The following is the text of the article: 
Microsoft Windows has been the largest revision since 1995, and therefore, until this system called Windows 8 after October 26 debut, even the most loyal Windows users, it is difficult to recognize its true colors. 
Upon system startup, the difference will be immediately apparent. Familiar desktop has disappeared, demonstrated in front of you just generous, modern, elegant chunk "tiles", as well as full-screen applications. These elements are very suitable for tablet PCs and smart phones touch screen. 
This is called the "Start" screen, to replace all Windows users are familiar with the "Start" menu. But its function is not just a menu, or a complete computing environment, not only occupy the entire screen, but also has its own application and control options. And old fashioned desktop applications still, but in Windows 8, the desktop is just one application - you can click on the "Start" screen icon or button to start the application. 
This is a very bold move, but in my opinion, the new tile environment works well and should be commended. It feels very natural, especially on the touch screen, it will be Windows into a tablet PC era. It even marks the beginning of a long-term restructuring, in the process, the new design will gradually replace the old design, although still depends on the specific circumstances of Microsoft attract new applications speed. 
Windows is now built two different sets of user experience, this is a "universal" operating system, whether it is old-fashioned mouse PC, or new Tablet PC, you can accessibility. The weather application from the touch interface to the mouse interface of Excel, you can run the system. This is Apple's approach stands in stark contrast to the latter, respectively iPad and Mac standard computer developed two operating systems. 
Potential confusion 
With this dual environmental strategy could lead to traditional PC users confused, because they need to switch between these two modes of use. Whether it is a new environment or old environment, can be compatible with touch or a mouse and keyboard operation, but the former is more suitable for touch, which is more suitable for a mouse or trackpad. 
There's even two different versions of IE browser. Moreover, many features are not the same. For example, the start screen applications often lack the standard menus, toolbars, nor equipped to adjust the window size and the close button of the window. 
The company believes that this confusion has little impact, and can be offset by the old-fashioned desktop function, after all, who can run Office and other traditional office software, and iPad and Android lacks this feature. 
Different versions and features 
But note that the system may have confused many more places. Windows 8 still has two versions, one for standard Intel PC, another one called Windows RT, specifically for the Tablet PC, which uses the same processor and market existing smart phones and tablet PCs. 
Although the same for Windows 8, but there is a huge difference between the two systems. Intel-based version can run new applications, you can run older Windows applications via desktop. In the RT device, but can not install and run traditional Windows desktop applications, large-scale program is the only way to run a new version of Office, but not with Outlook. Like with the iPad, through an online store, you can download all the new tablet-style applications. 
Finally, Microsoft will be the first to launch a self-development and sales of PC. The tablet will be called the Surface hardware partners with Microsoft to produce the traditional Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet competition. 
I tested Windows 8 on 3 devices: a tablet, a touch screen and an ultra-extreme deformation laptop. 
Start screen 
8 Start screen environment is the biggest change in Windows, which is designed to emulate Windows Phone mode. The interface, called Metro, there are many rectangular and square icons, and iPad and Android designs are very different. 
These tiles can show they represent pieces of information applications. Mail tile can scroll the information you received, you can display photos tiled thumbnail of the photo, you can cycle through the schedule tiles schedule. The purpose is to allow users to critical information at a glance. 
To switch to the next screen tiles, can be directly on the screen with your finger to slide horizontally, you can slide the mouse or trackpad. Word and other traditional desktop program icon will be displayed on the Start screen, but it does not carry any information. There is a "all applications" button called, you can display all the programs on your computer. 
In my tests, the new interface is very good, very smooth enough to compete with iPad and Android. 
Charms and gestures 
Windows 8 is equipped with a novel common control bar, called Charms. Whenever Slide your finger from the right edge of the screen, it will appear on the right. In the non-touch screen devices, you can move the mouse pointer over the top right corner to bring up the control bar. 
Charms of features including search, settings, share, devices, and a return to the start screen buttons. Brings up Charms control bar after any application startup. 
Device Options can control connected to the computer and the printer, and connect with other computers in the network. Share options can send content via email or social networks and other means. 
If you slide up from the bottom of the screen, you can see a similar right mouse button options. 
If you slide the screen from the left, you can switch between applications. Rapid slide in and out from the left, you can display thumbnails of running applications list in the lower left corner, the icon will display a return to the start screen. 
Split-screen display 
You can set the screen into two, thereby also see two applications, one of which is located on the left or right of the screen thin strips. 
This function is very useful, for example, can display e-mail and web browser. You can also display Word and other applications on the side of old photos and other new applications. 
Some new applications are impressive. Photos application contains not only the local picture, also includes Facebook, Flickr and Microsoft SkyDrive cloud service photos. People can not only display contacts application, but also to show these contacts posted status updates on social networks. 
But the new mail application disappointing lack of a unified inbox, and only one is used to display unread mail folder, there is a folder shows the most important contacts sent mail, as well as other features. 
As the only source of new applications, the number of common third-party applications Microsoft applications store no. For example, although there are Kindle and Netflix application, but can not find Dropbox, Facebook or Twitter applications. 
Microsoft said it will launch more applications next week when Windows 8. 
Windows RT will only be pre-installed on the device, while the high-end version of Windows 8, which is the professional version can be purchased separately, and thus the existing PC upgrade. Microsoft did not disclose details, but the next few months, you can spend $ 40 to download the system, or spend $ 70 to buy DVD. If it is June 2 to January 31 during the day to buy a new Windows PC users, you only pay $ 15. 
If there is no touch screen, you can also use Windows 8, but the effect will be worse. 
Professional Edition is mainly focused on enterprise computer systems. Home Edition consumers use the simple version is called Windows 8, but Microsoft has not yet announced the release of pricing. 
In conclusion 
Microsoft does give Windows a new modern interface design, the company is clearly compatible with older applications need to please the old user. However, this integrated approach but require the user to re-learn the already very familiar with the operating system.
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Windows XP: Microsoft's glory and shame

April 2014, Windows XP operating system will come to an end, from entering the forgotten era. Hackberry estimated that even singers are unexpected, a song 13 years ago, Microsoft launched its own for Windows XP operating system concert called "out of your window", from an era will be kicked off, and affect the entire IT industry. 13 years of time passed, hackberry already old, that song no longer be remembered, but that paragraph with "you go to play, I do not know" is characterized by the operating system products, is still the world's most difficult erase signs, even today it is moving towards the Hermitage. Time Value of Windows XP are led, with a market economy can not be measured, even in the era of big data, such as stand-alone to the software, the software to the Internet, the Internet, cloud computing, mobile Internet branch extends inside, Windows XP is still the most one popular operating system. During this period, but also because Windows XP itself is good enough, resulting in the later Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 will it set became enemies. If the product can lead to resentment with the door is a sign of successful products, then Windows XP's performance in this regard has been completely beyond successful. However, the other side of the features of Windows XP, it is the opposite of the glory that is IT shame. We are talking about Windows XP, all of which is characterized by its forward-looking and are compatible with a breakthrough in terms of interaction, etc., depending on the characteristics of this, Windows XP in more than ten years of development history has repeatedly been on stage myth, become unable to beyond logo. However, Windows XP although the impact of an era, but Windows XP has seriously hindered the development of an era forward, ripping bustling glory coat, like a serious step backward influential role in this era of Windows XP on it and it formed. And make it the culprit causing this situation, no doubt Microsoft is its owner. The reason why Windows XP on the significance of this era in addition to a positive image, but also from Windows XP on IT to generate resistance. First, Windows XP directly hindered the progress and development of hardware technology. Entrenched in Windows XP desktop computer for up to 13 years time, all of the hardware manufacturers in the calculation of forward momentum, driven by Windows XP and other aspects of life and cut off one hand, hardware vendors need innovation to fulfill Moore's Law, on the other hand Windows XP as not like the old witch entrenched user's desktop, such hardware IT constraints and obstacles, Windows XP is the biggest conflict caused by industrial development. Hardware vendors to Windows XP as the technology-driven center under the rules restricting Windows XP, it will be a congenital constraints and obstacles. Most of the time, hardware manufacturers have introduced a more technical features of hardware products, eventually because both Windows XP operating characteristics while secondary commissioning, this result is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive means that the cost of the hardware manufacturers, and for technological innovation itself is a step backward. Glory coat stripped Windows XP, which is due to the destructive power of this era and its influence can not be ignored like. Another point is that Windows XP users develop habits of permissiveness. From the current situation of the computer operating system market layout view, Mac OS, Linux, etc. operating system security, ease of use and comfort, etc. are far better than Windows XP, but users accustomed to long years of raising behavior, these users only approved for Windows XP solid thinking has been unable to change. At this point, Microsoft itself also tasted the bitter fruit of a corresponding, that they are better than Windows XP operating system is also excellent product still nobody cares. Third, Windows XP unable to cope with new security challenges. Persuade users to abandon Microsoft official information in Windows XP, Microsoft has this tremendous honor to their evaluation of products, is currently unable to secure performance in other areas, namely, if you continue to use Windows XP users, it is more likely to be more vulnerable to the challenges of Internet viruses and other technical issues bug. In today's rapidly changing IT, a variety of new security threats emerging, born 13 years ago to deal with the technical aspects of Windows XP does not take care of, so even Qindie Microsoft, have advocated the initiative to give up Windows XP users, not just Microsoft with an excuse to threaten the security of user-initiated. Although Windows XP is a good operating system, which would be in the beginning of the birth in safety performance strengthened, but had to see is that the pace of development of information technology faster than the time, at the beginning of the birth of Windows XP strong safety performance even further, but still can not catch up with the pace of information technology. Special bundled Windows XP IE6 browser, as well as its market share and user behavior caused by habits, so much the developers abhor. Fourth, Windows XP has seriously hindered the mobile Internet, the full application of big data and cloud era. In tablet PCs and smart phones to drive the mobile Internet era coming race, Windows XP simply abide by the software + technology products in the form of hardware, this era has been happening with the opposite phenomenon. In the new era of spewing all kinds of wireless technologies such as cloud, Windows XP unable to take into account the usual mode of application of these new technologies is making the whole industry development has been the most significant places certain obstacles. Of course, it also tasted the corresponding Microsoft's own bitter fruit in this regard because Windows XP brings the block, also led Microsoft in the face of these new technologies competing lost to Google, Facebook and so new Internet companies. In addition, Windows XP brings the market, there are many negative effects, as a great operating system products, Windows XP does have great achievements in the side, but restricts its development cause for computer information technology, but also in Windows XP "old witch, "the best portrayal of the image area. In Microsoft's own lead "destroy" Windows XP today, it caused the market block, damage still is immeasurable, we see the positive value of its wonderful time, should also see their products embarrassing arrest. Today, with the memory of hundreds of millions of Internet users to send voice to recover Windows XP brilliant, thanks for the great contribution it has made in this era. As an end-user's personal PC software products, Windows XP really gone through its most glorious golden age, in which it is experienced by each of the information age, it withstand all this praise, but also afford this loved. However, for the purposes of the development of information technology era, given the negative effects of Windows XP era caused too great.

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"Football Masters" co-producer Huang Xiang Interview
In the domestic game industry has billions of scale intelligent machine hand travel market this year, during the World Cup in addition to domestic manufacturers continue to worry about the loss of players to watch the World Cup lead outside, but had to hand new opportunities for travel. According to incomplete statistics, the theme of this year's football game currently known to be over 100 models, the basic staffing a major game manufacturers as standard, just like a dead end, in the World Cup year timid company really can not do football hand tour. 
By Limboworks studio developed mobile games "football guru" During the beta frequency acclaim. Today, the prism special interview with the "football guru" co-producer Huang Xiang, Huang Xiang revealed that by the end of June, according to the game will run in a small channel again. Also, there are several well-known issue to negotiate gaming agency, but who gets the final product has not been determined. 
The following is an interview with Record: 
Prism:? Development, "football guru" of this product when used long before the development of the game, the team did what products? 
Limboworks Huang Xiang: At present, there are already nine months of research and development, but also to force the team to improve each interface, the user experience, the numerical aspects of tuning. Most of the team members have a sports theme game development and operations experience, several core members have developed over months of water over 600w sports page tour. 
Prism: "football guru" This game is a football theme, will not have to worry about a single play did not bring fresh characteristics of play for the players?? 
Limboworks Huang Xiang: "football guru" is a collection of strategies to develop, operate football manager game, do not worry about a single play. Because football manager game is a relatively mature sports theme, the presence of this type of game has matured many years. To enrich gameplay, we also add new modules: Battle system, leagues, Cup, ladder match, as well as props system, honor system. 
Prism: As we all know, there are a lot of hand travel in May to get together on the line. Why "football guru" no borrowing "the World Cup wind" on the line? 
Limboworks Huang Xiang: The team wanted a good product models, the long period is difficult to avoid. Now "football guru" on the screen, the experience has finished blasting all products on other markets, so it will not be very worried about the timing of the problem on the line, but we believe we are watching the World Cup, playing time should be less but not much more. Say ... now refuse work get together, while other teams are doing propaganda resources to fight in this period, we continue to put quality polished look. 
Prism: We all know the name of the World Cup soccer games, plus the effect of well-known players in the role fans play as one of China's market characteristics, there is no genuine authority looks and did not cause much impact on them. What do you think of this phenomenon? 
Limboworks Huang Xiang: "football guru" There is a genuine portrait of authorization, with two world-renowned leagues are authorized business negotiations, the more so that I am proud of is that we are relying on product quality rather than agency fees impressed they gave us authorization . Moreover, we believe that copyright represents not only the quality of the game, but a symbol of team height. 
Prism: it is not difficult to see, the core user of this product is favorite football users, then, there is no thought in addition to these core users, as well as which users are potential users of the game? 
Limboworks Huang Xiang: different levels of fans is the primary user of the game, but the game play is easy to learn, easy to play strong, most ordinary players are easy to use. As long as there is enough game playability and easy enough for the casual gamer can get started, the subject matter is just a preference and a sense of substitution. 
Prism: We all know that "football guru" smart AI game engine technology, which embodies the advantages and the specific effects it brings to the game? 
Limboworks Huang Xiang: AI engine, 3D game engine is the core of the technical barriers, the strength of our technology in this area ahead of domestic competitors. In our game, the AI-based robot dynamics engine to simulate very realistic action to players in the field of physical action, players will be able to swing your hands when running and body weight of dynamic self-balancing, automatically select the fastest when approaching football smooth way through the chest, head, heel, foot control football, in addition, this action sets AI engine will not only dribbling, extraordinary, closing down, header, tackle and other three dozen basic football action, but also Marseille will swing, volley, barb, after passing, one ball over other classic high action, so intense race, blood boil. 
According to the player chooses's formation and tactics, the game AI formation engine will evaluate each player's position and status, analyze the current situation and make the best strategic moves in the offensive situations, divided between the main players based on skills and location , assists with each other, but also to assess the best location and time efficient passing the ball between players as possible to promote forward; defensive situation, the players on the other side based on formation arrangements were blocking defensive players, the ball and the goalkeeper will be based on other players position to judge the largest regional risk defense. 
Prism: We know that "football guru" is still beta stage, to obtain a high evaluation and recognition. Now, the team also faced with the problem? 
Limboworks Huang Xiang: Now, the biggest problem is the adaptation and pick SDK. In particular, each channel of the SDK interface strange, the developer is simply a nightmare. And "football guru" is based on the development of Flash Air, then SDK is very troublesome, each SDK should write a separate Air Native Extension, each have wasted a few days. 
Prism: So, How do you solve these problems in? 
Limboworks Huang Xiang: after careful evaluation, we feel that access prism platform is the most cost-effective way to increase savings, direct saving two months of work time and saved us a channel for SDK maintenance team responsible for maintaining the prism almost all domestic channels SDK we only need to access the prism one interface. 
Limboworks Huang Xiang believes that "football guru" is the first time the team's first mobile game. Hope "football guru" has become a benchmark for the quality of similar products. At least, from the technology and quality of the product itself and the other football games to pull enough gap. 
"Football Masters" is a football manager game, players assume the role of a legendary coach, through excavations players, train players, participate in leagues around the world, step by step into a world class team. It has a total of 5000 grade 15 active players true ability of data, each of the players as well as photo-3D Avatar and the only growth curve, in addition, "football guru" with close to PC game quality 3D rendering engine and powerful AI movement engine, the game scene in vivid, far beyond any similar game. 
limboworks was established in September 2013, the existing 14 employees, including seven fame programmers, most members have many years of experience in the development of sports games. Core members: Operations, Tencent senior game before, nine years of operational experience in planning, extensive industry resources; main strategy, five sports games planned operations experience, has led the development of billions of dollars of revenue tour page, Startup weekend entrepreneurship competition in Hong Kong races; main Cheng 1, graduated from Peking University digital Arts, Scandinavia for many years, 2014macworld asia winner; master Cheng 2: Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, DreamWorks many years, graduated from the University of Southern California game development department.
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Testin cloud measured booster Unity Developer Services Alliance
April 13, at the 2014 Asian Unity Developers Conference held in Beijing's China National Convention Center station, Unity announced the launch of Unity Developer Services Alliance, the world's largest mobile game together. Testin cloud application platform cloud testing measure, and further integration of the entire ecological chain resources for developers seeking benefits. 
Fu country's new president of Unity of Greater China, said: "Unity developers reason to launch this service alliance is very simple, all partners and alliances we are hoping to give developers to bring more tangible help, trying to Unity developers the complete ecological chain full-service multi-angle. "
Speaking Unity was established jointly Testin cloud measured Developer Services Union, Testin cloud measured CEO Wang Jun said:. "Mobile Internet is affecting us now, and will change our future more and more developed mobile game based on Unity, education, beautiful tourism, industry applications, time and again beyond the user's expectations. however terminal fragmentation and configuration differences, resulting in a user experience vastly .Unity developer Services Alliance, will include Testin cloud measurements including developer ecosystem chain resources effectively together, either Android or iOS, which will not only direct assistance to developers in China, enhance China's mobile phone game player application experience, will further benefit the developer in Southeast Asia and South America and other emerging countries and regions and users. "
Testin cloud measurement is the world's largest mobile games. Application of the real machine and user cloud testing platform to provide a number of services including mobile games / applications terminal testing, functionality, performance, availability, grading tests, including compatible, covering almost to a mobile applications and mobile games released before the need to do all the QA testing work, the need for test developers only need to submit the required application in Testin site testing, to test the device is selected, you can wait for the test results, the test is completed, Testin for application developers to provide highly specialized test results and related recommendations for improvement. Testin measured cloud platform now has more than 3800 different models of mobile phones, tablet, smart TV and OTT terminal, to more than 250,000 domestic and international mobile gaming. Application developers to provide services, the cumulative test more than 37 million times, and the establishment and IBM, Microsoft, Google, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and ARM, Qualcomm, Imagination, such as the world's leading supplier of mobile chips and Lenovo, OPPO, Samsung and other major terminal providers the close of the service, cooperation, communication and relationships. Establishment of joint Testin cloud measured Developer Services Alliance for Unity, Testin cloud Unity 3D engine testing will also provide special testing capabilities. 
Using the Unity engine for many game developers, game developers just completed a successful first step in the game to the market. Game of operation and maintenance support, value-added services as well as follow-up to capture the pulse of the market and customer needs, how to use the platform to promote the depth, how to get statistically valid data analysis, all aspects are closely related. Developers face a number of game developers are often faced with third-party services on the market selectivity problems, while game development service providers ecological chain is difficult to have an effective way to come into contact with the vertical Unity developer community. Unity Developer Services Union is to simplify these challenges, the alliance partners will jointly spare no effort to help developers, as much as possible to avoid the development of Unity game unnecessary trouble, to concentrate on game development itself. 
In addition Testin cloud measured, Unity Developer Services Union will jointly Amazon, Friends of the Union, micro-funk, Jinshan Yun, UCloud other partners for Unity developers to develop on-line profit from games to provide one-stop solutions. Unity Developer Services Union is set up to integrate and coordinate all aspects of the game development ecosystem resources, combined with high-quality brand partners to participate in the Alliance for Unity developers to send the game to develop on-line one-stop solution. Starting from the bottom of the engine tool, Unity will provide its preferential subscription service, technical training and technical support services, and send the whole game developers porting technology, preferential payments SDK and localization services (including language localization and profit model localization). Wait until finished Unity game developers need to write on the game on the line, Unity partners will work together to provide a range of third-party service offers daily fixed expenses Resource Kit for developers, which includes cloud storage, cloud hosting services, statistics, mobile devices are compatible testing, acceptance testing and security platform security release. In addition, the game distribution chain, Unity Developer Services Alliance will provide developers Unity Games Games and joint distribution platform distribution services within the Union to help Unity developers to provide generous and favorable volume of services to promote resource guide. This suite of services resource kit, will participate in the Unity Developer Services affiliate program developers to bring a one-stop resource package, the package will discount the price of these resources and even free for Unity developers, this will be achieved Unity Games development and distribution of an important step in the democratization plan. 
Let the popular game development, is Unity and all Developer Services Alliance Partner of vision. Unity Developer Services Union will be held at the same contest Unity games and applications to the selection and recruitment of developers to join affiliate programs, and the theme was held in the country over the developer dense urban Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Chengdu, Nanjing and other open Day. The first leg will be held in Shenzhen on April 
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Microsoft do not send their children to go to kindergarten
New, network thing, we talk together. Thank you for the strong support of the teachers and seniors yesterday, we will try to do, and stick to it. Do the Chinese kindergarten children 9 years old, probably just weaned, the parents in the eyes of the baby, perhaps into the nursery and primary schools under police escort. And there was a child prodigy abroad, only 9 years old Macedonian Marco Kala Sang is already a Microsoft systems engineer and has written a book about the Windows 7 operating system 312 books, popular kids knowledge starting from the child's interest, perhaps you are a business executive, maybe you are a senior, in the face of such genius, you will have on your child have any idea that he might be the next Bill Gates, because she "head in question." 
Can be considered a revelation to Chinese parents, kindergarten so dangerous, it is better to go to work to Microsoft. [2] concern Huang Guangyu case 
As Huang Guangyu case settled, the crime of illegal business, the crime of insider trading, bribery, three sentences combined, decided to implement 14 years in prison, a fine of 600 million yuan, 200 million yuan confiscated property. He Gome collective control over smaller and smaller, Huang Guangyu in prison, the United States voted against the nomination of directors of foreign re-election, opposition invalid, the last people also entered the United States of directors. But this is not over, the sale of stock and damage to the interests of Zhongguancun investors during April-September 2007, Huang claims can be combined to receive compensation for the difference, despite the current net worth of yellow and nearly billion, but this trading in damaged investors should also Yougejiaodai. Stock market risk, the investment need to be cautious ah. 
[3] Foxconn jumped to attention 
Foxconn "Nine jump" has been popular, but also daunting, with the association "10 jump" when it will occur, but also do not know the true and false provenance letter letter help Gou cause Kai-fu Lee, causing a great deal resonance. Today, Foxconn jumped to his official release notification think those issues in the enterprise itself and has nothing to do, to see this kind of news, I do not know what you're thinking, several scholars have called for the development of joint attention jumping events not sacrifice the dignity of our attention, "10 even jump." Concern for human life, life is very valuable. Foxconn recommend to Chongqing police network, has succeeded in preventing the three suicide. 
[4] "prostitute" and "ransom" refers to "prostitute" and "ransom" will think "Yihong", then think of "heaven on earth", but people just "sell" no "ransom." As early as 2005, Yahoo invested $ 1 billion in exchange for 40% stake in Alibaba Group, when Ali Baba was not listed on the listing, Alibaba has shrunk, look Alibaba Wei hourly wage can know Alibaba is willing to repurchase the hands of Yahoo stake?, after Alibaba although Yahoo has successfully listed, earn pours, and if he wants to give up the impact of China's first B2B website, we are concerned. The sell, sell, do not jian. 
[5] "three Golden Flower" difficult to reproduce 
Li Yu, Chen Xiaowei, Liu internet famous "three Golden Flower", working female emperor, each have their own way. Warcraft female Xiaowei Chen May 17 officially ended two years of his career NINE president, victim of Warcraft, currently "missing", willing her career smoothly. Li Yu, former Shanda former CEO, select on "mom and pop" business, website Utan.com5 March 18 on the line inviting beta, aimed at 80 and 90 after the youth market, it seems that after 80 crowd is the community mainstream. VANCL aged Bash also the founder of the 50 million dollars of new e-commerce platform Vjia locate 85 crowd. Liu Wei, the current giant boss, chairman Shi Yuzhu recently revealed that he had already fading out of daily management, in fact, Liu has been the succession, professional manager Liu's still a long career, I do not know when to end, perhaps like Tang like, do a female wage emperor also possible. Attention to women, health concerns, concerns IT women. 
[6] concern to abandon the "user" first person 
First to understand under Jingdong, China B2C market an online shopping mall! 2009 sales of nearly 4 billion yuan Jingdong Mall and pronouncements in 2010 exceeded 100 billion mark. Today Jingdong Jingdong CEO for lazy people do not want to say give up downstairs to pick up the user, perhaps he is currently 10 billion has been completed ahead of schedule, we do not know, but that in order to save users 1.6 yuan does not provide on-site services to businesses, not know what is your view, you can not hit Jingdong delivery upstairs, it's something you have to buy it? To express your views. And a high-level position, upstairs is not usual practice Jingdong, Jingdong employment is ground. We recall what time shopping is always a, and which have not been consistent when Jingdong Liu Qiang East president issued the latest declaration that reporters are out of context. [7] Google and the Chinese government protests in the struggle for a long time later, Schmidt express a willingness to retain business in China. We just raise awareness for Schmidt was pleased when a "Schmidt: If the acquisition of AdMob is blocked will struggle with the United States government," the news began worrying and the government do to fight addiction? Mo Bucheng really acquisition fails, Google and Osama bin Laden as a group on the? Appears blue Xiang technical school in addition to China, the United States authorities for Google is not so friendly. [8] Apple today staged a comment or a reversal of the year to become the nation's largest market capitalization company HW release Touchpad courage to challenge Apple really do not know the result is a cup or comedy allows you to judge, there is not too cruel HW bet! Look at Bingshu On the Road: Hanwang TouchPad, Han Pad? Khan Pad! Really incited Lord. 
[9] Sina, Sohu, Netease, Tencent this year, you feel what the collective exercise of options fifth cash of HK $ 66.6 million [10] Today, most erotic Technology Apple products iTit mouse

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Lumia test the water little success in Europe
Lumia was listed by the end of October in the fourth quarter to get the one million shipments, but the latest reports indicate that in Austria, Germany and other markets, Lumia has become the best-selling mobile phones, in addition to Europeans than Americans prefer Nokia addition, efforts to promote carriers, Microsoft, Nokia also several parties over the past. 
Among them, two-year contract to purchase if the user Lumia 800 from operators Orange, and even receive a free XBOX 360. 
Lumia price is an advantage, in Europe, Lumia price is & ldquo; PFP & rdquo ;, there are many 0 yuan purchase contract exists. Nokia this year to the North American market will take a special type Lumia 900 & ldquo; very positive & rdquo; pricing strategy. 
However, the success of Lumia test the water just a trace of warmth in winter, because of the rapid growth of iPhone sales continue to create records and Google camp, Nokia's success in this changing market has yet to be detected. 
Valentine's Day this year, Nokia CEO Elop said publicly that Nokia has been out of the danger zone, a year earlier, he put the Nokia described as a man standing on the stage of combustion, the only choice to survive the cold ocean. 
Lumia potential of the Chinese market is located 
Nokia employees have stressed that China is Nokia's most important market, and before products enter China, Nokia has done a careful preparation in research and development.
While no public announcement, but has basically confirmed Lumia will enter the Chinese market in the first half of the message. 
Lumia customized for the Chinese market has been pre-installed applications on a complete localization development, microblogging, QQ, news client, all network applications and many other commonly used software has been tested. More news that Nokia's push Chinese models support dual card dual standby this Chinese characteristics. 
In online banking payments, Lumia already have ICBC, Bank of China and other channels of certification path, which will also bring benefits developers. 
Data provided by Nokia said that in the past three months, Chinese developers have downloaded 250,000 times in Windows Phone development tools, which will also provide a lot of applications. 
Nokia's brand in the Chinese market still has considerable influence, while Lumia if hot in the Chinese market, and that sales will be fully capable of leveraging competitors banner.
In fact, the choice of a critical application platform for enterprises. Since the establishment of the system needs to continue to support their business a decade or two decades of growth. And even after the deployment, in the face of emerging technology innovation, enterprise whether it is all undone, or choose one of 20% -30% re-investment and construction, this is a big problem. 
But in reality, the problem is that when a lot of BI software deployed in China, bad news and good news to hear as much. BI as senior custom clothes, rather than standardized clothing, every enterprise is individually customized. How to make customer acceptance? In Lei Peng seems, standardized products and platforms in order to maximize investment protection and tailored. 
Lei Peng believes that the degree of standardization of the Microsoft platform is very high. Over the past six years, continued cooperation with Microsoft BI experience made ??him very deeply. Only in China have long-term plans of large software companies have such patience to continuing to maintain its ecosystem, and ultimately make its technology and products in China will not remain on paper, but really honestly been applied . But the deployment on the ground floor is not a product, but rather to consider from a business perspective of Chinese enterprises, and ultimately how to find a good balance between investment protection and technology. 
Shen Bin, China Life Pension Company Limited IT department to develop a senior manager at Microsoft's platform has a more intuitive understanding. He believes that Microsoft SQLServer2008 platform system in ease of use, quickly and easily build their business systems and other aspects of the business can satisfy the needs of Life Pension shares. Previously, Life Pension systems share many of their own custom reports is a fixed format, easy to change with the needs of business users and flexible changes. And most of the time requirements of the individual business units are not the same, not the same report format. Microsoft's business intelligence platform to help them solve this problem. 
Microsoft Business Intelligence platform to use, easy to modify, etc. Let Junin very proud. Lei Peng in the eyes, so that he is willing to work closely with the current manufacturers of the few, Microsoft is one of them. Changes in business very fast today, Microsoft is a suitable choice. 
Now, the most important issue facing Microsoft is not to open up the market, but how to get more companies recognize the important role that business intelligence applications in the enterprise can play.
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Game Smart TV will be the next gold mine
Kam ancient known today, video games since the 1970 birth of the development process, the moment may have given the booming video game industry has brought a lot of smart revelation. 
The courage of trial and error 
60s Nintendo is a Japanese production of the cards, but a small company, Hiroshi Yamauchi took over before starting to expand the company's business, instant noodles, taxi companies and even love hotels are tried, and finally found a direction for Nintendo after missing: video games. After 1975 Yamauchi began to develop the Magnavox Odyssey video game platforms such as the introduction of FC machine (ie NES) in 1983, within two months of sales exceeded 500,000, over the same period in the birth of the Super Mario Brothers FC also since the beginning of testimony Nintendo glory. 
Tried order to know who is right, no one company can not produce the provisions of solitaire games, nobody on the provisions of the smart TV game which kind or must use the long handle controlled trial right, maybe you're the next Nintendo . 
Try not aimlessly, innovation is the attempt premise. 
Early 2000s video game market by Microsoft's XBOX 360, Sony's PS3 and Nintendo's Wii third of the world. Microsoft and Sony's console hardware fight, fight performance, and in fact the function of the Nintendo Wii accounted for under the wind from behind, shipments far ahead of both. One of the mystery lies ahead Wii controller "Wii Remote": mosaic small number of buttons, the main "point positioning" and "motion sensor" on the rod-like shape, is nowadays a smart combination of popular video game "somatosensory control. "This novel standard Wii controller and innovative gameplay mediocre compared to the other two handles, better capture the player's heart. 
Somatosensory control at the time was pioneering work in today is commonplace. Smart TV devices can now be linked more and more space imaginable, how to make players play more comfortable, give players more fresh, intelligent video game is an issue to be concerned about. 
In the 1980s, after the red and white machine available in the country there have been a lot of imitation machine, followed by a large number of children unable to extricate themselves addicted to video games. Game by obnoxious parents, parents bear infamy soon targeting investment in education of their children, turned "learning machine" volume of soil from, swept the country, is the most successful example of bully. 
The concept is quite important products: 360 wireless RF transmitter packed into free portable WiFi, less than six months exceeded five million sales; extremely meters directly put the projector packed into a "super-free screen TV." Smart TV screen game fight, fight engine, the user is not necessarily good enough, the concept of subversive game might be able to become a projection of different army. 
Ground gas 
Said Sony's PS2 game is legendary, but points, 100 million record sales has not yet been broken. However, in China, PS2 mainland version licensed but took a plunge: First of all the price is much higher than the parallel, licensed game compatibility is poor, little Chinese game masterpiece less, all this simply can not allow players to accept, PS2 mainland licensed foreign brands in the domestic acclimatized one case. 
After Nintendo NDS previous lessons learned in the mainland by a fugue agent and named iQue DS, provide a lot of Chinese games, its compatibility with even stronger than the Japanese version of the host, the global simultaneous release, with great success, NDS is foreign typical example of a successful brand localization in China. 
Domestic Smart TV game in direct competition with foreign video games, ground gas is natural advantages, if abandon the inherent advantages to imitate foreigners Sunyard, put yourself on the packaging too tall, often outweigh the benefits. Maybe get a special taste favor minority groups, but for most ordinary players are not used: easy to learn, easy to play, ground gas is benevolent. While in the domestic smart TV game to enter foreign markets, good bilingual design and understanding of the local market survey, also deserves attention. 
1980s domestic generic red and white machine, integrate multiple games in one card piracy to let foreign giants game company chilling. With the advent of 16 and 32 hosts era, imitation these hosts difficulty has gone beyond the capacity of many domestic cottage factories, and therefore "domestic game" basically disappeared after 90s. 
Times will progress, piracy will disappear, pirates get is immediate, is the original creator of pirated get is the future. Pirates have to know themselves destined to be eliminated society, time, and even more should be pirates with advanced technology, to provide users with a better experience and also set up a protective barrier for their own game. The user is concerned, no one would want to see on the PC, rampant piracy on the phone, chaotic market in smart TV game this new ecosystem to reproduce. 
Written in the last 
Recently the shelf file Smart TV video applications SARFT may make a lot of people worried about the future of smart TV, or even not optimistic about the smart TV game, I feel like a video game as soon as possible would be regulated, but do not forget in 2000 the State Council issued game ban, has recently abolished the FTA in Shanghai, game consoles in China ushered in a new life. We believe that freedom will eventually smart TV, smart TV game with its file indecisive, not as good as the way to get inspiration from video game history, the dig smart TV game gold pot of gold.

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Software + Services' new strategy to successfully meet the challenges of the Internet it?
Ballmer's visit to China, attended the signing event when Microsoft and Hangzhou Municipal Government cooperation, showed an extremely low-key, just published a very official speech. This two-day visit to his trip, did not like before visiting government and PC manufacturers, China Telecom, Ali Baba and other telecommunications and Internet companies is the focus of his visit, because they are Microsoft is vigorously promote the "software plus services strategy." an important partner. 
Beginning last year, Microsoft vigorously on a global scale from a traditional software company to "software plus services strategy," the restructuring plan - increasing the hosting service in the traditional software business basis. The strategy was implemented in cooperation between Microsoft and Hangzhou project. 
In the Hangzhou government signed the same day, Microsoft and Hangzhou Municipal Government jointly established "software development platform for innovative services" was officially launched. The platform for developers to launch SaaS, software companies do not need to purchase a separate Microsoft development software, but by hiring the platform, you can use Microsoft's full range of direct development tools. This is in line with the current needs of SMEs lack of funds. Microsoft and Zhejiang Telecom, Alibaba ongoing cooperation and promotion of SaaS are related. 
Tim Chen period, Microsoft with the UF, wave and many other local software companies formed a strategic partnership focused on promoting .net platform strategy. And now Microsoft is with the government platform, the Internet, telecommunications and business cooperation to promote the SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. 
In fact, Microsoft is already started to pay attention SaaS. November 2005, Microsoft launched Windows Live / Office Live web services strategy, the first step of its own, "from software to services," the road. At that time, Bill Gates said: "live program is to enable Microsoft live (live) up." Meanwhile, for the small and medium enterprises, Microsoft launch online CRM systems, online Exchange (integrated e-mail, Outlook, chat and other functions), Online Office and so on. Microsoft is very clear that in the Internet age alone sell products such as Office and Windows software is difficult to maintain growth, we must increase the Internet, cloud computing and ICT convergence areas of transformation. 
However, the effect is not ideal Live services. Currently Microsoft's profits and market position is mainly dependent on the computer's desktop software business, online services business still at a loss. So, Microsoft's networking transformation of the way how to go? 
From the "software plus services" strategy and Saas mode this strategy, Microsoft Internet tactical adjustment. Core "software plus services" is to its main business of Internet-based software, which is software used to provide the Internet. This indicates that Microsoft itself more clearly, "software companies" strategic positioning, after all, the software is Microsoft's core business and strengths. Microsoft decided to abandon the acquisition of Yahoo may be a proof - some analysts say that Microsoft should rely on their own advantages in the software, through long-term investment, to build a more competitive online business. 
That said, Microsoft is changing at a disadvantage by enhanced search and other Internet services to deal with the competition of ideas, and to take "short to have long attack each other," the "software plus services" strategy to deal with Google. In a related view, Google and Microsoft compete mainly in terms of individual users, and Microsoft "software plus services" strategy that can range from individual users, small businesses to large corporate customers in all aspects. Microsoft's internal vision put forward a "combination of powerful software and rich Internet services across the terminal to create the perfect experience." 
According to Microsoft's plan, Live mode, mainly in favor of the ordinary for individual users; SaaS model is to the general promotion of SMEs and developers and third-party network services through partnerships; cloud computing centers can provide services for large enterprises. Microsoft last year launched a cloud computing service Windows Azure, allowing all types of companies hire Microsoft's data center for data processing and software operation. Currently, Microsoft only in the United States to establish a cloud computing service center, Nokia, Coca-Cola Company and other customers become Microsoft's cloud computing services. Microsoft plans to build a cloud computing center in Hangzhou, will be the first cloud computing center outside the United States. 
Currently, Microsoft is suffering from the impact caused by the weak PC demand, recently released third-quarter results, sales fell 6%, net profit fell 32%. Next-generation operating system, Windows 7, next year will launch a new version of Office, and other new products can allow Microsoft to restore growth momentum, it is difficult to predict. Today, Microsoft's strategic focus is to concentrate with third-party partners to promote "software plus services" strategy, hoping SaaS business can become a new growth point. 
Ballmer's visit also landing as "software plus services" strategy for China to help out, and has been passionate image, this time he seemed far too calm, but some haggard. After retirement, Bill Gates, Ballmer led Microsoft to being entrusted with the task of restructuring the Internet age. I do not know whether Ballmer heart bottom: "Software + Services' new strategy to successfully meet the challenges of the Internet it?...
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Chrome global market share of Microsoft's IE first Super Sunday
According to foreign media reports, market analysis firm StatCounter said yesterday, last Sunday Google Chrome browser global market share for the first time surpassed Microsoft IE browser, occupies browser market dominance. 
Odd market analysis firm StatCounter CEO Han & middot; Cullen (Aodhan Cullen) said: & ldquo; although this is something happening in the day, but a landmark. & rdquo; 
& ldquo; weekend, consumers can independently choose which browser to use, many consumers choose the Chrome browser, instead of IE. & rdquo; 
March 18, Chrome browser page views occupy 32.7% of all page views, Microsoft IE will occupy 32.5% of the share. 
On Monday, when people return to the office, when, IE browser views rose to 35%, the share of Chrome browser slipped to 30 percent. 
Odd Han & middot; Cullen said: & ldquo; Chrome browser can win in the long battle in the browser remains to be seen, however, Chrome browser on the weekend leading the momentum is undeniable. & rdquo; 
In the last month, Chrome browser market share has increased to 31%, while last year only 17% of market share over the same period. Meanwhile, IE browser market share fell to 35 percent, while the share of 45% a year earlier. 
Firefox browser popularity in the European market, the global market share of approximately 25%. 
Apple's Safari browser share ranks fourth column, occupying all page views 7%, Opera browser, ranking fifth share of 2%. 
Market analysis firm StatCounter data from over 300 million sites, which also includes more than 150 million page views per month data samples. 
Chrome market share fell to 0.68% Microsoft still fear 
Listing 2 days since Chrome market share of 1%, due to security breaches and not compatible with Firefox Kit, Chrome began to steadily hind legs, as at October 22, Chrome market share all the way down to only 0.68% . 
It was observed that most interest for Chrome is an open-source camp Firefox users. Although Google side said that the future will have exclusive Chrome extensions, and then once unable to support all Firefox extensions, is tantamount to giving up his comrades to seize the lay of the country, let alone want to shake the status of the IE browser faucet. 
In addition, in terms of security, Chrome security vulnerabilities but rather again and again, while competitors are constantly improving, Microsoft's IE 8 Beta2, particularly cross-site scripting attacks (Cross Site Scripting against hackers commonly used for type 1; XSS ) attack techniques, filtering and protection; Firefox camp also has a strong lethal point for reading kidnapping (Click Jacking), developed the exclusive protection suite. 
However, Microsoft Chrome lightly. A few days ago Microsoft released IE 8 Beta2 Taiwan Traditional Chinese version, Microsoft has continued to take Chrome and IE 8 compared and stressed their products where those projects, better than Chrome's performance. By Microsoft's reaction seems, who currently occupy 72% of the global browser market share leader, seems to be very afraid of just 0.68% market share of Chrome. 
We see everyday products are intelligent, Cisco CEO John Chambers in the CES keynote speech in the process summarized as "Internet of Everything (IOE)" (all things Internet). IOE "In the next decade the influence of anything are greater than the history of technology", this concept will become the mainstream of future technological era. From this perspective, we can easily understand the traditional enterprise IT vendors and the market's enthusiasm. 
By car, litter bins, street lighting, medical systems become intelligent, business and society will save more money and energy. "This is not entirely scientific and technological issues, the problem is how to change people's lives forever." Chambers said. 
In the interconnection, we can make use of 3G, 4G and WiFi, but can also be achieved by such ZigBee, ANT +, and many other radio technologies. And Chambers seems things will be one of the most critical technology, its impact will be five to ten times the entire Internet to date of the impact on human. While Cisco has been committed to the network device connection technology, but things are not just connected. "This is not just about connecting things, but about changing the process." Chambers said. Things will be a huge business opportunity, the size of this market up to $ 19 trillion, which will cover the private and public sectors throughout the city and even the whole country will be caught. 
Chambers said: "Things will be all things connected together, the impact of which will bring unprecedented technical field." Most people may not have thought of a potential application is networked intelligent trash, Chambers said such equipment will bring $ 10 billion opportunity. Chambers said that the way most cities now collect garbage is not smart. By installing sensors in the trash can garbage collection will be more effective. In fact, Cisco has long had the layout in the field. In October 2013, Cisco announced the creation of a formal business networking group, to seize more market opportunities.

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Record holder on a game console
Ubisoft's annual masterpiece "watchdog" has been made since the sale of more than four million units sold, which contributed more than half of the PS4 version has more than "FIFA 14", from the PS4 version of "Call of Duty 10: Ghost "only narrowly, in other words it is likely to become the highest-selling game currently PS4. 
Of course, the host for the PS4, its life cycle has just begun, a group for the foreseeable future masterpiece yet to debut, discussion Which game would eventually become champion is still too early, but we can look at the history of the record holder on a game console, and many believe that even if the name does not say we all guessed. 
Nintendo system 
FC: "Super Mario" (1985) 
Not surprisingly, a name, the game eventually sold over four million units since let Mario became Nintendo's flagship name, while firmly occupy most of the sales charts of Nintendo's top spot, while FC Mario is behind the times we are also very familiar with the "duck Hunt", and this number is because the red and white machine on sale in the United States with the bundle cassette sake. 
SFC: "Super Mario World" (1990) 
The Mario on the fourth for SFC is also no doubt occupy the top spot, two million sales also throw off the second gap doubled, and the other on the SFC's list, in addition to Nintendo's Mario Donkey Kong and beyond, can occupy a place in the top five there Capcom's "Street Fighter 2", while total sales are expected to more than one version even ranked second. 
N64: "Super Mario 64" (1996) 
N64 starting the game "Super Mario 64" as the first 3D Mario always of success, with 11 million sales topped the list, and in the N64's list "007 Golden Eye" can transcend the game Zelda names like King Kong ranked third, came in second place, "Mario Kart 64" after. 
NGC: "Nintendo Smash Bros. DX" (2001) 
NGC times, the first time on a host Mario let out a sales throne, is Nintendo's new brand Fuzion series took first place, the game has achieved total sales of 7,000,000 units, narrowly ahead of second-place "Mario Kart: Double impact" and third place in the "Super Mario Sunshine", while Sega's "Sonic Adventure 2" is also 10 years ago the only non-Nintendo game system. 
Wii: "Wii Sports" (2006) 
History of the game has an approximate miracle can not be copied, even taking into account the same bundle of factors, more than eight million units in sales also is hard to disbelief, ranked first in all games sales chart and see who is expected to break later, and second of "Mario Kart Wii" sales of 35 million units have been enough amazing. 
Wii U: "New Super Mario Bros. U" (2012) 
Contrast the previous few names and data, "New Super Mario Bros. U" sold 4 million units of the game can be ranked first in WiiU really feel shabby ...... although it can not be said WiiU has ended, the future is indeed there many masterpiece, but the overall installed capacity in there, I am afraid that the figures can not be optimistic about the future. 
GB: "Pokemon Red / Blue" (1996) 
And the majority of sales champion before Nintendo game early even for different starting of the early generation of Pokemon from the game and there is the birth of one of the longest intervals, also hit a game in the true sense of the miracle to save a game , more than 30 million units sold so that the addition of at least GB of life for several years, after a smooth transition to the handheld. It goes beyond being the second works exactly the same time the United States for sale GB bundle of "Tetris" 
GBA: "Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire" (2002) 
And Mario, like Pokemon also inherited the same position on the Nintendo handheld, "Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire" successfully to more than 15 million units sold predecessors took classes. 
NDS: "New Super Mario Brothers" (2006) 
NDS era, Mario regained the sales champion handheld on sales of 30 million units a year earlier success beyond the sale of "Nintendogs." 
3DS: "Pokemon X / Y" (2013) 
Pokemon 3DS comeback era, 11 million units sold successfully defended unbeaten status of the brand. 
Sony PlayStation system 
PS: "GT Racing" (1997) 
PS hosts on the first generation of a million unique level of the game, beyond the second of the "Final Fantasy 7", let GT series become fixed brand. 
PS2: "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" (2004) 
PS2's list is dominated by GT and GTA, the top five, there are three million level game is Grand Theft Auto series, both in GT racing series, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" is the only one a twenty million level of the game, in which their achievements outside of the closest is "final Fantasy 10." 
PS3: "Grand Theft Auto 5" (2013) 
Also belated "Grand Theft Auto 5" PS3 was born seven years after the above sales champion, PS3 version sold nearly two million units more than the previous "Call of Duty 8", but if you only consider exclusive games, so "GT Racing 5" PS3 is the only million level on a game. 
PSP: "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories" (2005) 
The GTA series of works for the first time on the PSP 2005 launch of the final made ??more than 7.5 million copies sold, although the name is nothing compared to GTA, but it is the first, the second on the PSP is "Monster hunter Portable 2nd G". 
PSV: "Uncharted: Golden Abyss" (2011) 
And the situation is similar to Wii U even more miserable, the PSV is currently the highest-selling game "Uncharted: Golden Abyss," only more than 110 million copies, it seems that at any time there may be a latecomer rewritten, such as R-star decided to transplant on a PSV works like GTA models. 
Microsoft Xbox system 
Xbox: "Halo 2" (2004) 
Microsoft is one of the important early build brands, "Halo 2" sold more than 8.5 million units making it the first card on the Xbox. 
Xbox360: "Kinect Adventures" (2010) 
Proving once again that effect with the bundle, "Kinect Adventures" in the somatosensory game gimmick made ??two million sets of results, more than the Xbox360 version of "Call of Duty" and "Grand Theft Auto 5." 
Sega Department 
MD: "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" (1992) 
Although not achieve the original ideals, par Mario, but really became Sega's Sonic the first card, "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" to 6 million units sold on the first place among the MD, while the game is Sega Game Gear version handheld game sales champion on this short-lived. 
SS: "VR Warrior 2" (1995) 
PS SS contrast gap is all aspects, including the highest-selling game above "VR Warrior 2" is only nearly two million copies. 
DC: "Sonic Adventure" (1998) 
"Sonic Adventure" DC on sales to 2.5 million units to become the first, and this is reflected in the final Sega host hardware aspects. 
Other platforms 
Atari 2600: "Pac-Man" (1982) 
3DO: "universe Mounted Police" (1995) 
WS: "Final Fantasy" (2000)
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what CEO who will not tell you
1 My salary increase faster than you. 
American employment in the face of stagnant wages and uncertain job market struggling, but one group is having to worry about the issue of pay raises to mention: the CEO of each company. 
According to a study done by the Economic Policy Institute think tank in Washington (Economic Policy Institute), the former American revenue ranking 350 companies, the average CEO pay in 2012 - including salary and exercised stock options worth - was $ 14.1 million, compared to 2011 increased by 13%, an increase of 37 percent since 2009. 
Looking at the long term, growth figures CEO pay is even more startling looks - especially when compared with wages. According to the Economic Policy Institute, from 1978 to 2012, after excluding the inflation factor, CEO of their pay increases over 875%, compared with an increase of 5.7 percent payroll only in the same period. Calculate the value of stock options included, in 1965 compared CEO pay with employees of 18: 1, 2012 this ratio was 201: 1. 
Why does this matter at stake? Director of the Economic Policy Institute, Lawrence Mishel (Lawrence Mishel) believes, CEO salaries are rising richest groups widened income gap with ordinary Americans, he said: It "does not make the economy more productivity, the result is to make everyone else's wages are reduced. "Professor of Economics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) · Ace of Daron Acemoglu (Daron Acemoglu) that unequal treatment is also employed to make the middle class more difficult to achieve their American dream, because political power is concentrated in the hands of the highest reward. Ace Acemoglu pointed out, in particular, political contributions powerful sectors likely to remain a more unequal society, in order to affect the tax law and other issues. 
Support-paid CEO said, the highest executive officer who is due to make a lot of people to let others (including their employees and shareholders of their companies) become more affluent business decisions and get returns. University of Michigan-Flint (Flint campus of The University of Michigan) is a professor of economics Mark · J · Perry (Mark J. Perry), said: "We should be the richest CEO who as America's most successful professional career person to be commended, not vilified. "
Of course, most of the discussion on the CEO says is the largest high-paying salary strongest company executives. According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) data, if the small company's CEO who also included, the average CEO's salary last year was $ 176,840, an increase of 1% over the previous year. According to this standard, the average CEO's salary is less than anesthesiologists (USD 235,070) and orthodontists (USD 196,270), the average salary. National 104 million last year, the average full-time employment salary is $ 46,440, so the same calculation, the average CEO's salary is less than four times the average salary of employment. 
2 My salary is higher, the lower the efficiency of my work. 
Best performance in exchange for higher wages understandable, but according to shows, the CEO salary and incentive actually obtained the company's performance might be peer-reviewed scientific journal paper "interface" (Interfaces) 2013 on December Monthly damage, "which can be reflected in shareholder value and company profits." 
University of Pennsylvania Wharton School (The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania) is professor of marketing, one of the authors of the research paper J · Scott Armstrong (J. Scott Armstrong) said: "You got a when large salary what will happen? you will think you are working for money, not because of the intrinsic value of the work or interest in the job, (for companies) this is not a good thing. "the authors point out , high CEO pay will result ignored by other decision-makers, so that they do not intend to consider the long-term impact of their decisions will result. The study also found that many CEO get paid purely a "lucky." For example, the oil industry CEO who was brought because of price fluctuations of crude oil to obtain high profit growth and salaries, "This is one of the factors beyond their control." 
Other people believe that, in general, CEO salary is more or less linked with the performance of their company. According to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business (University of Chicago's Booth School of Business) entrepreneurship and finance professor Steven · N · Kaplan (Steven N. Kaplan) say that in the past 10 years or so, although the CEO their salaries increased, but the market value of their company's growth was faster. Kaplan in 2012 a research paper points out that the ratio of the CEO's salary and large companies with a market capitalization level of the late 1970s, roughly the same, lower than the level before 1960. 
3 pay well, but my job security is not how good. 
May 5, Target Corporation (Target Corp.) replaced at the company's services for 35 years, serving in the highest office of the CEO of this six-year old employee Gregg Steinhafel. It began: a data leak caused five months ago 70 million customers' personal information stolen. 
Although the situation Gregg Steinhafel leaving very special, but he was sacked as CEO of identity but not uncommon. According to the Global Re-employment consulting firm Challenger, Gray & amp; Christmas is a report, in the first quarter of this year there are about 366 CEO turnover data with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) archive compared to the same quarter of 2013 increased by 18% . The report pointed out that this is the highest value of the number of people leaving a single quarter since the third quarter of 2008. 
Experts say, CEO who in recent years, shareholders and customers for their growing responsibilities. In fact, according to Kaplan's thesis, in 2000 after CEO replacement rate compared with the 1980s and 1990s increased, "This is obviously a relationship with the poor stock performance." (Target's stock price fell from a peak in 2013 of more than 20%, since the data leakage has fallen by about 7%.)

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State organ procurement reject Microsoft Win8 operating system made a major opportunity to welcome
May 20, according to the People's Daily overseas network news, important notifications central state organs of government procurement center recently released show that all computer products are not allowed to install Windows 8 operating system. 
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently chief engineer Zhang Feng had expressed the hope that the majority of Windows XP users concerned about potential security risks stop service brings, take measures to ensure security. I hope the majority of individuals using XP system users in a timely manner to download and install the relevant domestic enterprises to provide protection software, reduce information security risks. Ministry will also continue to strengthen its efforts to support the development and application of linux operating system, and also hope the majority of users of these products to give more support. 
Chinese Academy of Engineering Ni Guangnan suggested that the state, although currently there are measures to support domestic operating system, but scattered in various parts, it should be raised to the harmonization of the central level. States should further increase in government procurement support for domestic operations. Especially for some industries, worried that the use of domestic operating system, issues that need to take responsibility if the situation appeared, authorities should take measures to exempt from liability. Meanwhile, the development of China-made operating system, should not just rely on the operating system of domestic enterprises, under the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician of many advocates, by the China Electronic Information Industry Group Corporation, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, China Software Industry Association and other enterprises and institutions, co-sponsored China's smart terminal operating system industry Alliance, which will change the operating system lacks the domestic software and hardware support embarrassment. 
Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu He Quan believes that Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP issue, to the development of China-made operating system brings a rare opportunity. 
Analysts said the promotion of the domestic operating system on this matter, if the government can guide correctly, industry and be able to collaborate effectively, through carrot and stick approach in addition to the system level, the integration of ordinary consumers commonly used types of applications, while able to hardware design, the use of a breakthrough on the sales price of differentiated practice, it can not be a bad idea to get a life XP users upgrading from the tide, and even win the opportunity to re-shuffle. 
Golden State Securities latest research report pointed out that from the point of view of policy-oriented, the government has the information security rose to national security. Domestic operating system will also become an important component of information security. Kylin operating system is currently winning the most widely used operating system made ??by a 50% owned subsidiary of China Software's successful software development, research results "nuclear high base" project, the next choice would be one of the important domestic operating system. A-share listed companies, North source, China's software and other stocks of concern. 
Forex Bureau: April bank settlement 926700000000 867000000000 Sale 
SAFE website news, statistics show that in April 2014, the bank settlement 926.7 billion yuan (the equivalent of $ 150.6 billion), Sale 867 billion yuan (the equivalent of $ 140.9 billion), foreign exchange surplus of 59.7 billion yuan (the equivalent of $ 9.7 billion). Among them, the bank Valet settlement 895.8 billion yuan, 846.9 billion yuan purchase of foreign exchange, foreign exchange surplus of 48.9 billion yuan; bank's own foreign exchange 30.9 billion yuan, 20.1 billion yuan purchase of foreign exchange, foreign exchange surplus of 10.8 billion yuan . Same period, the bank Valet forward foreign exchange contract 129.7 billion yuan, 120.6 billion yuan forwards Sale signing, forward foreign exchange 9.1 billion yuan net. As of this month, the long-term cumulative unexpired foreign exchange 1.0811 trillion yuan, 758 billion yuan unexpired Sale, unexpired net settlement 323.2 billion yuan. 
2014 January-April, the bank accumulated settlement 4.0878 trillion yuan (667.3 billion U.S. dollars equivalent), the cumulative Sale 3.0544 trillion yuan (498.4 billion U.S. dollars equivalent), the cumulative foreign exchange surplus of 1.0334 trillion yuan (the equivalent of 1689 billion). Among them, the cumulative foreign exchange bank Valet 3.9671 trillion yuan, 2.9198 trillion yuan accumulated Sale, the cumulative foreign exchange surplus of 1.0473 trillion yuan; bank itself the accumulated foreign exchange 120.7 billion yuan, 134.6 billion yuan accumulated Sale cumulative knot sale Meeting deficit 13.9 billion yuan. Same period, the bank forward foreign exchange contract valet accumulated 840.9 billion yuan, a total of 521.6 billion yuan forwards Sale signing, the cumulative net forward foreign exchange 319.3 billion yuan. 
April 2014, domestic banks Valet foreign income 1.6596 trillion yuan (269.6 billion U.S. dollars equivalent), foreign payments 1.6366 trillion yuan (265.9 billion U.S. dollars equivalent), foreign income surplus of 23 billion yuan of payment (equivalent to 3.7 billion USD). 
2014 January-April, banks Valet cumulative foreign income 6.6213 trillion yuan (equivalent to 1.0807 trillion U.S. dollars), the cumulative foreign payments 6.3203 trillion yuan (equivalent to 1.0314 trillion U.S. dollars), the cumulative surplus of foreign payments received 301 billion yuan (equivalent of $ 49.3 billion). 
Also should be noted that the State Administration of Foreign Exchange to enable "foreign balance of payments transactions Classification and Code (2014 Edition)" on May 1, 2014. Foreign payments received detailed data caliber to make adjustments accordingly and retroactively update published historical data. Specific adjustments detailed description Valet foreign bank payments received data (by trading items) table comment.

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Much to encourage the purchase of new energy vehicles sales are expected to benefit from the speed leader
Shanghai Municipal People's Government Council recently notified forwarding, Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other six departments to formulate the "Interim Measures of Shanghai to encourage the purchase and use of new energy vehicles." 
According to this approach, for consumers to buy new energy vehicles, subsidies on the basis of the central government, according to the Shanghai New Energy Vehicle Registration models directory information and determine the subsidy standards, grant; directly or organization employees one-time purchase of new energy vehicles more than 10 corporate units, the Shanghai and then given 2000 yuan / vehicle of financial assistance; automobile manufacturers, each recovered a new energy automotive battery, Shanghai give 1,000 yuan subsidy. 
Measures also said that consumers buy new energy vehicles for non-operational, the Shanghai free distribution of special license limit. Exclusive license for the use of the amount of new energy vehicles, the implementation of a car a licensing system will not refund business cards and apply for transfer of registration outside the area, cancellation of registration, theft procedures, not the amount paid to update credentials. 
In addition, Suzhou City, announced, will promote the use of new energy vehicles in 2013 ~ 2015 over 1500, which this year plans to promote new energy vehicles more than 800, next year plans to promote more than 700. In the future, Suzhou city bus sector procurement of a new energy bus, total levels of 1 million yuan of financial subsidies available, so the cost of procurement of new energy bus is greatly reduced. 
Wuhan municipal executive decided yesterday that the introduction of nine initiatives to encourage government agencies, organizations and individuals in the purchase of new energy vehicles. Except for state subsidies standard 1: 1 to give local matching subsidies, new energy vehicles on the road may be exempt from road bridge and tunnel fees charged in designated public charging zone free in city driving without tail number limit other preferential policies. 
Recently, Xi'an executive meeting of the new energy vehicles to promote the program by the end of next year to promote electric vehicles 11000, 10700 charging parking building, new building 16 new energy vehicles, service outlets. [Praise] to promote the goal of full completion, saving 51,000 tons of fuel per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 192,000 tons. 
Analysts believe that the new energy vehicles is one of the main directions of the manufacturing upgrade, in line with the national energy saving policy guidance, has risen to national strategic level. The first two batches of new energy vehicles to promote the pilot cities list includes 30 city 10 urban agglomerations, currently in Beijing, Shanghai has issued the relevant subsidy rules, other cities will be launched in the future, new energy vehicles across the country are expected to continue to accelerate. 
Minsheng Securities believes that by 2015, the domestic electric vehicle market is mainly driven by policy, mainly in public transportation, public areas such as promotion. With the decline in battery prices, the energy density increases, the domestic electric car is expected to come to the market after 2-3 years, will take cost-effective route. 
Clean energy to propel the vehicle changes 
The nature of the car is the energy and power equipment installed Ge Ge composition and the nature of the difference lies in the use of new energy vehicles, new forms of energy to replace traditional fuels, and thus the transformation of power equipment disposal to match. New energy vehicles to replace traditional fuel vehicles powered reflected in two aspects: First, the proportion of clean energy generation to benefit from upgrading, new energy vehicles (the whole chain) gradually have the advantage of energy conservation; Second, high motor efficiency, new energy vehicles the energy conversion efficiency can reach 2-3 times that of traditional fuel vehicles. We believe that the new energy vehicles to replace traditional fuel vehicles is a long-term trend. 
Maturing domestic consumption environment 
The main obstacle to the promotion of new energy vehicles is the "low cost" and "range anxiety." Price level, through national and local levels of subsidies, oil and electricity economic advantage of new energy automotive life cycle is sufficient to back the acquisition of disposal difference, coupled with the city's purchase limit free license, the vehicle itself, the price has been lower than the same type of fuel the car. Endurance level, mainstream in the sale of new energy vehicles on a single charge mileage of more than 100km, enough to meet the daily needs of local travel, while charging facilities gradually spread greatly enhance the convenience of charging. With two big problems to solve, new energy vehicles more attractive to buyers groups greatly enhance the secondary, we are actively promising new energy vehicles (especially the purchase of the city) promotion prospects in first-tier cities. 
Overseas sales boom upgrade provides a good demonstration effect for domestic consumption 
Tesla [microblogging] stunning debut, breaking the limitations of a pure electric vehicle battery life, changing the traditional perception of the consumers of new energy vehicles, opening a new era of innovative energy automobile consumption. Major auto giants are the new energy vehicles as a key R & D direction, the next five years will be a rapid increase in the number of listed models, driven by rising overseas sales boom. We believe that high boom in overseas markets provide a good demonstration effect, guide domestic new energy automobile consumption speed. 
Nuggets vehicle perspective, the industry leader and vertically integrated companies more competitive 
Faced with emerging areas of consumption, consumers tend to choose high brand awareness, technology is relatively mature product. In a small volume, fast-growing new energy vehicle market, leading companies will occupy a larger market share in the short term the market has become the biggest beneficiary of the outbreak. Battery technology is the main performance bottleneck of new energy vehicles, the vertical integration of the company's strengths reflected in three aspects: First, the rapid response to improved demand; second is the integration of all aspects of profit price terminal price; third is to grasp the battery capacity to avoid subject to external suppliers. Therefore vertically integrated company an advantage in the battery, and the advantages of battery products continue to become one of the leading core competitiveness. 
Great Wall Securities believes that the long-term trend of new energy vehicles to replace traditional fuel vehicles to determine 〖into account domestic consumption environment has become more mature, with a demonstration effect boom in overseas markets, domestic new car sales are expected to accelerate energy, industry leaders and vertically integrated company will be fully benefit strongly recommended Yutong Bus, the proposed active interest in BYD, JAC.
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Balanced decision to issue new shares during the year about 100 good three shares
According to the Securities Times reported yesterday, the China Securities Regulatory Commission held a meeting to study the deployment of learning and implementing the "Several Opinions of the State Council on further promote the healthy development of the capital market," related work, from the arrangement of view, the implementation of the Commission eleven from "several opinions ", the basic institutional reform issue, mergers and acquisitions, delisting, etc., party secretary of China Securities Regulatory Commission Chairman Xiao Gang pointed out that the current IPO good work, stabilize market expectations, from June to the end of the year, plans to issue listing about 100 shares and issue monthly roughly balanced market. Although the market worried after IPO restart, in the short term will market funds face a certain pressure, but it is undeniable that will provide certain investment opportunities for the market. So after the IPO restart, what investment opportunities in the market worthy of attention? 
1, brokerage stocks are the most direct beneficiaries 
After the State Council issued nine countries, the market for brokerage stocks have a lot of positive expectations. With SFC IPO attitude clear, brokerage stocks will undoubtedly have to your joy. The industry generally believe that brokers are the beneficiaries of IPO restart no doubt, not only in terms of desire listing broker is the case, for the entire brokerage industry is also true. 
In fact, in positive expectations, market brokerage stocks have quietly. Since April, a total of 16 brokerage stocks rose realize where Changjiang Securities, state securities gainers, Founder Securities and Liaoning Cheng also has a good performance. 
Statistics show that in the current listing broker among corporate counted will be in the hands of China Merchants Securities [microblogging], GF Securities, CITIC Securities, Huatai Securities and Haitong Securities, such as master's more, once the IPO restart, the listing broker will be the most benefit one group, the performance increase is also the most obvious. 
2, the venture capital concept or usher performance inflection point 
IPO restart soon, attention-related stocks rising, especially in the company holding a large number of the proposed project is about to usher in the spring of venture capital companies, venture capital and equity of listed companies will also benefit. In this regard, analysts pointed out, IPO, once restarted, the venture capital firm investment cycle will be shortened, risk reduction, and the profits will be thickening performance of listed companies. 
According to the "Securities Daily" Market Research Center statistics show that in 18 venture capital stocks, the share price since April realization has five stocks rose, they were: Fengzhu, Arts shares, Paid, Nanjing High-Tech and Qianjiang Water Resources. It is worth noting that Luxin venture transformation into a venture capital-based industry companies based investment bank, which is the first listed venture capital company, with a certain degree of scarcity. 
For the investment strategy section of the side, Changjiang Securities, said shares will be long-term benefit from the venture capital market expansion trend remains unchanged ∩ sustained attention Luxin venture, Qianjiang Water Resources and public utilities. 
3, a number of companies to benefit from the IPO 
In addition to brokerage, venture capital and other concepts listed companies, A-share market has some listed companies and 122 close to the recent pre-disclosure, it is worth close attention. Fosun such as medicine, public transportation, FAW Group, Jiangsu Sainty and other A-share listed companies have become the 122 pre-disclosure of the company's key shareholders, and in addition, aerospace department, SDIC, Department of Tsinghua universities also led expected embellished, adding vitality to its related stocks. 
In the direct holders of 122 pre-disclosure of the company's A-share listed companies, holds a 20% stake in the mountains and rivers of the secondary drug Fosun Pharma is not time to mention. According to Fu Shan drug prospectus (draft report) shows that as of prospectus signed by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Industry Development Co., Ltd. holds revival rivers drug assisted 20% stake, the number of shares of up to 696 million shares, is the second largest shareholder of the company
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Su Dawei cell research briefing: Metal Mesh inflection point
n2014-year performance of the company should be a turning point: under no provision for the year is expected in the case of equity incentive costs, net profit in the 5000-5200 yuan; provision in the case of equity-based compensation expense, net profit 3000-3200 Wan yuan. 
The company is mainly a quarterly note the first quarter of 2014, the company achieved operating income of 8,723.96 yuan, representing an increase of 41.03 percent over the same period last year; operating profit of 1,489,900 yuan, representing an increase of 4,107.50% over the same period last year; total profit of 396.46 million, compared with year earlier, down 20.31%; attributable to shareholders of the parent company's net profit 3,999,500 yuan, representing a year earlier, down 5.34%. 
Q1 2014 is the company's history (in the range of publicly available information) for the first time in a single quarter sales revenue over 80 million yuan, has significant growth year on year and sequential. A slight decline in net profit, close to the upper limit of the notice. Non-recurring gains and losses over the same period is only about 2.1 million yuan, about half of the 2013 Q1. Company management fees increased dramatically 7 million yuan, of which more than 3 million yuan from equity incentive amortization (2 months), expected 2014 full-year amortization of about 16 million yuan in addition to management fees ≯ amortization and equity incentive TP business investment (currently in the burn state, Q2 may have started income), 2014Q1 actually achieve net profit of about 10 million yuan or so, there is a larger increase year on year. Overall, the turning point was a substantial increase in revenues, earnings have greater flexibility: Larger packaging business and guide film business is estimated that the increase, public safety security stability, the overall gross margin; touch screen Touch Panel (TP) business investment period but it is likely to usher in the latest reversal in Q3 Q2, under the premise of key customers overcome the possibility to achieve substantial revenue and orders is not small, the strong metal mesh of the expected performance of the company has great elasticity; companies still have some killer business. 
Investment Highlights 
The company in 2014 was the biggest highlight of the conductive film Metal Mesh (MM, non-flexible transparent ITO), which is the most important work of the company in 2014. Harvest is expected to begin in the first half of 2014 orders for large-size conductive film, and heavy volume in Q3. 2014 should be a Metal Mesh (MM) first year, and in 2014 Apple iwatch using metal mesh technology will further detonated MM Concepts (originally expected in June, and now the latest statement may be in Q3). The company is the subject of the most authentic. Our products are being gradually accepted as an important downstream customers, including some industrial equipment, machine equipment, super and tablet devices, recently passed a number of dimensions of Microsoft [microblogging] Win8 touch certification, and also with the industry the number of major downstream customers in joint research and development of large-size touch. Meanwhile, the company also try different business models. 
Traditional packaging business to expand the field of cosmetics packaging company in the field of laser differentiated road out an important part of the company's customization capabilities will eventually make it stand out. Gross profit margin of around 20% relative to wine labels enlarging industry, frequently 70% -80% gross margin cosmetic appearance of the demand for packaging materials is more urgent and less sensitive to costs, the company has the core technology will be high-end cosmetics packaging open up a field of blue. 
Guide film: Authentic millet concept. 2013 Q4 millet all new models began to provide light guide film. Estimated annual guide film business will achieve revenues of over 35 million yuan, while a wholly owned subsidiary Vivant technology also will be profitable year is expected to be around 4 million yuan net profit. 
Public Safety security will become the company's future cash cow: card business will remain stable revenue, license plate film company has technical reserves, the industry leader. Financial security is also important in the future of high-end spectacle. 
Laser light twist devices and other information services to accelerate the construction of direct benefit to 4G. With 4G construction depth, the major operators capital spending surged, the demand for optical communication devices and equipment grow proportionally. Company announcements, a quarter 4G / 6G light twist orders surge, operating income grew more than 100 percent, the company 4G base station applications brings up the volume ranking among the world's top three. We expect the performance of optical communications sharply reversed during the year. 
High-end equipment to replace imports. The company a leading position in the high power laser is unique in the field of high-end manufacturing is national security, has gradually been applied in the national key projects. We expect that the company will successfully replace applications in many industries overseas import or export restrictions to make up the shortage, leading position in the field of high-end equipment more stable. 
"Buy" rating: We forecast 2014/15/16 annual revenues were 2.549 billion /41.54 /33.43 one hundred million yuan, net profit was 267 million /3.53 one hundred million /4.56 billion, corresponding to EPS of 0.30 / 0.40 / 0.51 yuan. BUY with a target price of 12 yuan first. 
Risk Warning: 4G slowing the progress of construction; automotive sensitive components business growth is less than expected.

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ST Guo Fa 2013 losses for the revocation of delisting risk warning
Disclosure of Annual Report ST National Development (600538) February 17 evening. 2013. The company achieved operating income of 452 million yuan, down 16.68%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 10.6885 million yuan, up losses; basic earnings per share 0.04 yuan. 
In 2013, the company further reinforces the status of the main industry of medicine and pesticide products, significantly reduced losses, the main business operating conditions have improved significantly over last year. In 2013, the company increased by 34.93 million yuan of profits disposal of idle assets. 
2014 year, the company plans to achieve sales grew 30 percent; cost control in 120 million yuan less; costs at 490 million yuan or less. If the company private placement to raise funds, the company's sales revenue and results of operations may have greater growth. 
Audited annual report in 2013, the company net profit, net assets, revenues and other indicators are not touched delisting risk warning conditions, nor touch other cases the provisions of; view of this, the company has the Shanghai Stock Exchange [microblogging] filed an application to withdraw the implementation of the company's stock delisting risk warning special treatment. The Shanghai Stock Exchange on receipt of the company within five days after the application, the decision whether to withdraw the implementation of the company's stock delisting risk warning. The company shares were suspended with effect from February 18, 2014. 
STCN Interpretation: Feilegufen released a new version of the reorganization case inject narrowed assessment shrink 
Feilegufen (600,654) disclose February 17 evening new major asset restructuring plan, intends Instrument Electronics Group to sell assets, but the way the shares issued to purchase 100% of the shares it holds in Anxiao to the constant exchange Chi, Chi Heng sinks to the non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds. After the completion of the restructuring, the controlling shareholder of Feilegufen Instrument Electronics Group will be changed to the constant exchange Chi, the actual controller will change the Shanghai SASAC [microblogging] was painted country itself. Company shares resume trading since February 18, 2014. 
It is noteworthy that, compared with the plan disclosed last July, the launch of a new restructuring plan non-public offering price rise, that is 7.27 yuan / share, higher than the issue price of the original plan announced by 4.39 yuan / share, but also high the plan announced at the closing price of 6.75 yuan before the suspension / share; asset evaluation value has shrunk, Feile intends to issue shares to buy 100% stake in Anxiao estimated assessed value by 4.5 billion yuan adjusted to 2.859 billion yuan. The main reason is the adjustment of assets to be placed in a narrow range, leading to lower asset valuations. The latest plan, the scope of the Anxiao directly or indirectly controlled subsidiaries are not included in Wan Ying International 100% stake in Hong Kong Anxiao held on a 100% equity interest in Hainan dawn. 
According to the latest plan, Feilegufen intends Instrument Electronics Group to assess the value of non-affiliated third parties except in accordance with the sale of monetary funds, agreed assets, agreed to all of the assets and liabilities of intermediaries service agreements involving major reorganization of assets and liabilities and outside and all its associated rights and obligations. Conventions assets means: Part four retained in Feiyuegufen property; has entered liquidation proceedings Music City Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, Shanghai Red Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. of the shares; has entered tagout procedures Yixing fly Lotte and electronic equity materials Co., Ltd.; Feiyuegufen held by the Shanghai gold Fitch Aladdin investment Management Co.; agreement related to intellectual property rights. 
Preliminary estimates, the company sold assets and liabilities estimated value of 1.499 billion yuan, the proposed purchase of assets estimated assessed value of 2.859 billion yuan; intention to sell the assets and liabilities of the estimated value was 45.53%, the proposed purchase of assets (consolidated basis ) the estimated value was 745.86%. 
According to the proposed transaction price is expected to purchase the assets of 2.859 billion yuan, the issue price of 7.27 yuan / share basis, the transaction is expected in the number of issued shares to 39,326 shares for the constant exchange Chi; funds intended to support the financing does not exceed 25% of this total transaction , that is, not more than 953 million yuan, the number of issued shares to the constant exchange Chi no more than 13,108.67 shares. 
Before the transaction, Feilegufen main business for automotive instrumentation, automotive electronics and automotive wiring harness; after the transaction, Feiyuegufen's main business will change to security systems integration, security products manufacturing and integrated security services business operations, the main business changed fundamentally. 
The new restructuring plan also increases the performance of the compensation commitments. Feilegufen unanimously confirmed with constant exchange Chi, into assets 2014 year 2015 year 2016 year profit forecast to 210 million yuan, respectively, 286 million yuan, 378 million yuan. If the actual profits of assets within the period of compensation for each fiscal year to achieve the acquisition of the assets to be placed failed to meet profit forecasts for the year, in constant exchange Chi should be compensated.

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